Tax Consulting

Save on taxes legitimately

Taxes under control.
Many taxpayers feel that they are being overtaxed. Our tax experts support and take the strain off you in interdisciplinary cooperation with auditors and lawyers. We take care of entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein who operate internationally as well as foreign entrepreneurs operating within Switzerland/ Liechtenstein on all tax questions reliably and competently.

Create added value through tax planning. Every corporate decision involves tax repercussions. We thus look at tax planning from the entrepreneur's point of view. We support you with analysing and planning tax-optimised business processes both at home and abroad. We thereby minimise not only direct and indirect tax costs but also protect you from double taxation internationally.

Saving on tax is legitimate. Our aim is to develop strategies with you that plan for your tax burden and reduce it optimally by exploiting permissible organisational possibilities. Sound tax management brings about results that have a positive effect on today's balance sheet and thereby increases the value of your company.

«Taxes are costs. They must therefore

be planned for and optimised like other

costs. Euro Treuhand's tax experts help

you to ensure you don't pay too much tax.»


Markus Tschirky, Michèle Näf